About Me

Jason Figueroa

Jason Figueroa

Greetings! My name is Jason Figueroa and I am currently a senior attending Kennesaw State University as a Technical Communication major.

I have a wonderful wife and 2 amazing children (ages 5 and 1).

My ultimate professional goal is to become an Instructional Designer and plan to go after my Masters in Instructional Design once I complete this degree.

My personal goal is to be a programmer and game designer/creator.

I recently took Myers-Briggs test through HumanMetrics which established my personality type to be ISTJ (Introversion Sensing Thinking Judging).  Introversion describes me as being reflective and quiet. Sensing shows that I attempt to form a big picture and problem solve by collecting facts. Thinking classifies me as being task-oriented, and having an attention to detail. Judging states that I like to have things planned out and I like getting tasks complete before the due date.