The Reflective Brick

While I did grow a lot within this semester I still have difficulty in one area, that is self-reflection. It is times like this I feel like a brick unable to move the light at its will. However, as I look back on this semester I am amazed at what was accomplished. Starting out I was struggled with words and sentences. Now while still difficult I am able to at least get thoughts down on paper to edit later.

Going through a class such as Small Group Communication was very enlightening and has allowed me to see patterns in the several groups I’m involved with on a daily basis, such as my family and my work place. Each have several sub-groups within them.

Within my Small Groups Make Me Feel Claustrophobic blog post I started to recognize the layout of a given room can affect the quality of communication.  I now pay attention to seating arrangements and have even altered some offices at my job to better suit the desired communication goal.

Much of what I have learned I find it difficult to put into words… perhaps I’m being faced with an internal conflict just like in my Lets Get Conflicting blog post.

I hope to continue to see these patterns to use to my advantage.

See you in the Ether- web.


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