Let’s get Conflicting!

I would like for you to take a moment and think about any conflicts or disagreements you might have had recently. Conflict is a natural part of discussion and can actually present itself to yourself and with others. Conflicts can be narrowed to three specific areas:

  • Information
  • The lack of something
  • Rivals

What can you identify as your last area of conflict? My last area of conflict was in the area of information which happens often since I typically see things uniquely from most people.

I’m sure you can agree that conflict is not always aggressive, I personally have constructive conflicts very often (since I see things uniquely) where in times I am able to persuade in my direction others where I’m the one that is persuaded, and I even have times were it is a stalemate and we agree to disagree. Conflict for me with the right type of communication can be very constructive.

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